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Track legislation across all 50 states & Congress.

Search for bills, committees, & legislators

Find important legislation with a search engine that guides you directly to what you need to know.


Receive real-time alerts on new actions

Get the latest information on issues you care about with a platform that updates every 5 minutes.


Monitor bill introductions & amendments

Discover new bills that match your interests without having to search for them; they come to you.


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View a personalized hearing schedule

Keep organized with a calendar that automatically updates based on the items you are tracking.


Create professional reports in seconds

Communicate to your stakeholders with PDF and CSV (Excel) reports, customized to their needs.


Access on the go with mobile integration

Stay informed while at the capitol using the mobile app, designed for all smartphones and tablets.


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Connect with a rep on live chat, and have all of your requests answered instantly by a real person.

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