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Track legislation across all 50 states and Congress — with TrackBill.

Legislative Action Center

Legislative Action Center

Embed your tracked bills into your website. Keep your stakeholders connected to relevant legislation, your position, and how it affects them. Create custom categories and notes to relay important information. Don't have a website? Ask us about hosting on our white label site.

Keyword Alerts


Monitor bill introductions & amendments. Discover new bills that match your interests without having to search for them; they come to you. Create simple or complex queries to tailor your keywords to your organization's needs. Customizable notification types and frequency allows keeps you in the loop on your schedule.

Create Professional Reports


Communicate to your stakeholders with PDF and CSV (Excel) reports, customized to their needs. Reports can be automatically generated on a recurring schedule and sent directly to you or your stakeholder's inbox. Include custom categories and notes to indicate your position on legislation and how it will affect your team.

Live Customer Support


Connect with a rep on live chat, and have all of your requests answered instantly by a real person. Operators available Monday through Friday 8am - 6pm Eastern Time (US) excluding holidays.

Personalized Hearing Schedule


Keep organized with a calendar that automatically updates based on the items you are tracking. Receive e-mail or push notifications on bills, committees, legislators, and hearings. Never miss a meeting involving bills, committees, or legislatures that affect your organization.

Legislative Database


Search for bills, committees, & legislators. Find important legislation with a search engine that guides you directly to what you need to know. Track items to receive notifications of updates and hearings as bills progress through the legislature.



Discuss legislation with your colleagues about how it will affect you and your stakeholders. Track bills, committees, and legislators for your team so your organization stays current on legislation relevant to your team.

Join the thousands already using TrackBill to support their public policy initiatives.

  • alabama state bar
  • illinois chamber
  • state treasurer of maine
  • asthma and allergy foundation of america
  • molson coors
  • capitol fax

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