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Tennessee HB643

Mental Illness - As enacted, requires the department of finance and administration, in consultation with the department of mental health and substance abuse services and the division of TennCare, to develop and administer a grant program to assist sheriffs who are required by law to transport persons who have been certified by a health care professional for transport to a hospital or treatment resource for a mental health examination to determine whether the person should be involuntarily admitted; authorizes hospitals and treatment resources to conduct a mental health examination to determine whether a person should be involuntarily admitted via telehealth services. - Amends TCA Title 8, Chapter 21; Title 8, Chapter 42; Title 9, Chapter 8; Title 13, Chapter 26; Title 29, Chapter 20; Title 33, Chapter 2; Title 33, Chapter 6; Title 33, Chapter 7; Title 37, Chapter 1; Title 56; Title 63; Title 68 and Title 71.