Pennsylvania HB865

An Act amending the act of April 6, 1937 (P.L.200, No.51), known as the Pawnbrokers License Act, further providing for definitions, for license required, for application for license; repealing provisions relating to interest and charges, to identity of pledgor, to pawn ticket, to negotiability of ticket, to loss of ticket, seizure of ticket or of property offered as pledge, to altered ticket, to counterfeit ticket, to payment or renewal and to pawnbroker's lien on pledge; further providing for pawnbroker's lien on pledge and for sale of pledge; repealing provisions relating to business hours and business with minors; and providing for pawnbroker transaction form, for recordkeeping and storage, for pledged goods not redeemed, for pawn service charges, for prohibited acts, for right to redeem and lost transaction form, for pawnbroker's lien, for claims against purchased goods or pledged goods held by pawnbrokers and for hold orders.