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North Dakota SB2266

AN ACT to amend and reenact sections 10-06.1-17 and 10-15-05, subsection 2 of section 10-15-12, section 10-19.1-01, subsection 1 of section 10-19.1-10, sections 10-19.1-17 and 10-19.1-115, subsection 2 of section 10-19.1-146, subsection 1 of section 10-32-07, section 10-32-14, subsection 1 of section 10-33-06, section 10-33-14, subsection 3 of section 10-34-04, and subsection 2 of section 10-35-28 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to cooperative association of articles of incorporation and address of the principal office, business corporation definitions, articles of incorporation, amendment of articles of incorporation, involuntary dissolution, limited liability company articles of organization and amendment of the articles of organization, nonprofit corporation articles of incorporation and amendment of articles of incorporation, and contents of the registration a real estate investment trust.