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Alabama SB283

Property, Uniform Condo Act, rights to developers and owners, specified, procedures for creation and management, Secs. 35-8A-102, 35-8A-103, 35-8A-105, 35-8A-106, 35-8A-107, 35-8A-201, 35-8A-205, 35-8A-208, 35-8A-209, 35-8A-210, 35-8A-211, 35-8A-214, 35-8A-215, 35-8A-218, 35-8A-220, 35-8A-302, 35-8A-303, 35-8A-304, 35-8A-305, 35-8A-307, 35-8A-310, 35-8A-311, 35-8A-312, 35-8A-313, 35-8A-314, 35-8A-315, 35-8A-316, 35-8A-317, 35-8A-318, 35-8A-401, 35-8A-402, 35-8A-403, 35-8A-404, 35-8A-406, 35-8A-407, 35-8A-408, 35-8A-409, 35-8A-411, 35-8A-412, 35-8A-413, 35-8A-415, 35-8A-417 am'd.