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Alabama HB446

Prison reform, periods of confinement for parole and probation violations clarified, mandatory release dates required, identification of alternative community corrections programs clarified, services for veterans, legislative committee reporting requirement extended, Secs. 12-25-32, 12-25-34, 13A-4-1, 13A-4-2, 13A-4-3, 13A-5-6, 13A-5-8.1, 13A-8-4.1, 13A-8-8.1, 13A-8-10.25, 13A-8-18.1, 15-18-8, 15-18-172, 15-22-26.2, 15-22-29, 15-22-29.1, 15-22-32, 15-22-52, 15-22-54, 29-2-20 am'd.